What Is the Cause of Shyness in Your Life?

by Jason on April 3, 2012

What Is the Cause of Shyness in Your Life?More times than not, the cause of shyness occurs at an early age, during a child’s development. For this reason, most people don’t remember what caused them to be shy. While other factors contribute to shyness, the one underlying cause that most shy individuals have is an experience that made them withdraw from other people.

A traumatic experience is usually associated with an event that brought ridicule from peers, friends, or other age groups. This is never a pleasant situation, no matter how old a person is, but a small child can view it as an act of treason by friends and branding by everyone else. At the time it happens and for some time later, it is very central to the conscious thoughts of the child, but it slowly takes residence in the subconscious.

The mind attempts to put away unpleasant and unwanted thoughts. This is why they go into the subconscious, but it doesn’t stop there. Additionally, the mind covers the tracks so that a person doesn’t remember the thought was stored away. This is sometimes true of even pleasant memories; they are easier to restore than the bad ones.

Heredity and Upbringing

We all inherit traits from our parents to some degree, and shy people have the tendency to marry other shy people. Even if an outgoing person loves the companionship of a quieter, shy person, the gene pool usually allows some of the shyness of one parent to surface in the offspring. It is important to note that just because parents may have been shy or are still so, children can break through those bonds.

The most variable cause of shyness probably is due to how parents raise their children and the atmosphere where they live. It is not unusual to find a shy child with a very outgoing forceful parent. As a matter of fact, a domineering parent can so overshadow the child that there is little character development, leaving the young person with no social skills when left to mingle with other people on their own.

A neighborhood can often be a cause of shyness because elements exist that make it dangerous to venture into public except when there is a need. Children need to have relationships with people other than their own families to learn how to deal with life. Some families stay very close knit whether there is danger in the neighborhood or not, and the desire of the parents to keep things that way limits how well their children function with others.

Everyone is Different

Some people perform better at their jobs, in their lives, and with relationships when they have adversity. The intangible in how all of the causes affect the individual directly falls on how that person views negative situations. Some of the most successful people came from backgrounds that were not conducive to accomplishment, and they worked harder because of it. Those who were shy found ways to work around that problem or practiced to overcome it altogether.

If you are a shy person who is unhappy with your lot in life, now is the time to do something that will re-channel your future. Whether you know why you are shy or not, learn that the Cause of Shyness can be overcome.

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