What is Low Self Esteem? What are the Signs of Low Self Esteem?

by Jason on July 12, 2011

what is low self esteem

Are you concerned that you may have low self esteem? Do you often feel as if your life is somehow lacking because you don’t have enough confidence to tackle new opportunities?

It is possible to gain that confidence! You really can improve your self esteem if you want to. It just takes some inspiration and insight. There are mental exercises you can do to change the way you feel about yourself.

Before you begin these exercises, it’s important to educate yourself on the issue of self esteem.

What is low self esteem, exactly?

Self esteem is how we value ourselves. It’s how we perceive our worth to the world. Low self esteem is a feeling of inadequacy – as if our worth to the world isn’t much. It can affect our relationships, work, career, and every part of our lives. People who have low self esteem don’t have healthy, positive relationships. They don’t take advantage of opportunities in their lives because they don’t have enough confidence to try.

People exhibit their lack of self worth differently. Here are some signs of low self esteem:

• Playing the victim; blaming all of one’s problems on outside circumstances

• Over or underachieving

• Taking on too much responsibility for the lives of others, yet not taking enough responsibility for one’s own life

• Constant negativity, or being WAY TOO optimistic that it borders on delusional

Social anxiety; inability to maintain composure when interacting with others

• Constantly comparing oneself to others

• Seeing the world in black or white

• Fear of change

• Afraid of taking risks

• Fear of failure

• Refusing to take charge or have any responsibility

• Leaving the decision making to others

Some people with low self esteem are timid and shy, due to a social anxiety disorder. Other people with low self esteem are the exact opposite: they are overbearing, arrogant, and loud-mouthed. They can be downright bullies.

Children and adults both can have low self esteem. Children who are physically and/or mentally abused by their parents have low self esteem. Adults who are involved in unhealthy relationships can lack self respect. Sometimes people who have been through a horrible ordeal suffer from low self esteem in addition to post traumatic stress disorder.

How can you raise your self esteem?

A low self esteem is often built up over many years. Letting go of feelings and behaviors that have been with you for years probably won’t take overnight.

This isn’t to say that it’ll be difficult: with the right tools and mindset, you can begin feeling better about yourself right away!

Here are a few self esteem builders you can get started on today:

• Avoid using sentences like “I always have bad luck” or “I can’t do this.” Or “I’ve always been like this.” Using words like “always” and “can’t” only lock in your belief system. You attract what you think is possible. If you don’t think it’s possible for you to change, then you never will.

• Do something that you normally wouldn’t do. Doing something different will help build self esteem. Challenging yourself is one of the best things you can do for your confidence. Even if you’re afraid of trying something different, you should still press through it anyway.

• Learn how to forgive. For now on, start forgiving everyone who has wronged you in the past, including yourself. Letting go of the past will enable you to feel better about the future. Forgive everyone and everything that has contributed to your low self esteem.

• Starting today, celebrate all of your accomplishments. Surely there is something you can celebrate. You can celebrate the fact that you got out of bed this morning. You can celebrate the fact that you’re breathing and alive. You can celebrate all of the things you like about yourself. There must be something you like about yourself. Make a list and celebrate everything on it.

You can get started on these techniques today. If you learn how to forgive the past, then you will have enough confidence to move forward.

This guide is just the beginning. The answer to the question “What is low self esteem?”is very extensive. Just know that you can build confidence in yourself, no matter how low your self esteem is.

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