What is a Natural Remedy for Panic Attack? What Benefits Can You Expect with a Natural Approach?

by Jason on September 18, 2011

What is a Natural Remedy for Panic Attack? What Benefits Can You Expect with a Natural Approach?

Are you interested in trying a natural remedy for panic attack? Have you been trying, unsuccessfully, to treat your panic disorder? Conventional medicine isn’t for everyone. It only treats the symptoms temporarily, but not for the long-term. Therapy can treat the cause, but for some individuals, there really is no cause. Panic attacks can happen to anybody – even those who are happy with their lives!

What are the Benefits of Natural Remedies?

A natural remedy for panic attack is simple and affordable. It causes no side effects. Unlike a lot of prescription drugs, it won’t make you sleepy and groggy. You can take natural remedies any time during the day, so that you can go out without having to worry about a panic attack hitting you.

Another benefit is that you won’t develop a dependency on natural treatments. One huge problem with anti-anxiety drugs is that they can be habit forming. Some people become so dependent on them that they overdose!

What are Natural Approaches?

So, what is a good natural remedy for panic attacks? According to research, they can have physical AND mental causes. Since a panic disorder is “psychobiological”, a variety of approaches is ideal for treating these attacks.

Here is a list of different natural remedies you can try:

• Breathing techniques are very effective when it comes to managing panic attacks. Whenever you feel as if you’re hyperventilating, you should inhale and exhale slowly through your nose. Count to four when you inhale and then slowly exhale. Keep your mouth closed and relaxed. After half a minute, the feeling of hyperventilation should subside.

Oatstraw is a great remedy that supports the nervous system. Usually, an exhausted nervous system can cause panic attacks. When nerve tissues are restored and strengthened, the frequency of panic attacks is reduced. Almost anybody can tolerate Oatsraw. It’s available in capsule or powder form.

• Watch what you eat! Nobody likes to think that the foods they eat and the liquids they consume can cause panic attacks, but they do. Even if you’re in good health, your body might not respond well to sugar, caffeine, alcohol, etc. Cut down on junk foods and stimulants.

• Exercise! Exercise is one of the best natural approaches to panic attacks. Aim for at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercises four times a week. It’ll get your heart rate going in a safe way. The energy that is normally released when you have a panic attack will be released when you exercise instead.

• Chamomile is a great muscle relaxant. People have been drinking chamomile tea before bedtime for centuries. It offers numerous benefits, including anxiety relief, insomnia relief, and panic attack prevention. The recommended dosage for adults is one to two cups of tea a day or 400 mg in divided doses (capsules) a day. Avoid chamomile if you’re allergic to the daisy and ragweed family of flowers.

• Learn how to find a distraction whenever you feel a panic attack coming on. Focusing on the panic attack will only make you feel worse. Feeling fear will cause you to snowball out of control. Find something else to focus on. It could be ceiling tiles, wallpaper, something on the shelf at the store, etc. You could try counting backwards or adjusting your shirt. Just do something, anything, to take your mind off of the symptoms.

• St. John’s Wort is a great natural remedy for panic attack. This herb is safe to take on a daily basis. Many people use it for depression, but it has some anti-anxiety and anti-stress qualities as well. There is no set dosage. Just follow the instructions on the particular bottle you buy. Take a small amount of St. John’s Wort before you leave the house to reduce the chances of a panic attack.

Now you know some natural approaches to treating a panic disorder! A natural remedy for panic attack is only the beginning, though. If you really want to treat a panic disorder, you need to understand that most of the information out there is either incomplete or a lie.

In fact, just about everything you’ve been told about anxiety is a BIG FAT LIE. You’re a click away from a new life.

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