Tips for Helping Low Self Esteem in Children and Adults

by Jason on July 26, 2011

helping low self esteem

Do you know someone who has low self esteem? Do you wish you could help that person, but don’t know what to say or how to act when you’re around them? Perhaps you have low self esteem yourself and don’t know how to help others when you have a lot to overcome on your own.

The good news is that helping low self esteem isn’t all that difficult. Whether you want to help yourself, help a child, or another adult, you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to spend a lot of money on therapy or medication.

Low self esteem often stems from unresolved trauma, usually during childhood. It slowly develops overtime due to day-to-day experiences. Children who have low self worth need more encouragement so the issues are resolved by the time they grow up. The older one gets, the harder it is for them to overcome self confidence issues.

Helping Low Self Esteem in Children

Children who are constantly berated or yelled at by a parent come to believe that they are worthless. Even parents who don’t yell at their kids can still contribute to their low self worth by ignoring them or not spending enough time with them. Parents’ relationship with their children needs to be positive and healthy.

Here are some tips for helping a child with low self confidence and worth:

• Always watch what you say! Children are very sensitive to adults’ words. Remember to always praise a child for a job well done. Even if he/she doesn’t succeed, you should always praise him/her for the effort. Say things like “The next time you will work harder and do even better!”

• Always be positive around children. If you are hard on yourself or pessimistic, kids may eventually mirror you. If you treat yourself with respect and maintain a positive attitude, you will be a good role model for the children around you.

• Be spontaneous with your affections. Don’t just give kids affection whenever they do a good job. Give them hugs and tell them you’re proud of them at random times. Give praise regularly. However, you don’t want to overdo it. Sometimes kids can tell whether or not something comes from the heart. Wait until you are in a good mood yourself and then give them praise.

Helping Low Self Esteem in Adults

It’s more difficult to help adults with lack of self worth, since it took years and years for them to get where they are. Still, you can give them encouragement and support. Whether it’s a parent, spouse, co-working, or boyfriend/girlfriend you want to help, here are a few tips:

• Whenever they talk negatively about themselves, counter them by telling them about their positive qualities. For instance, if they say “I’m getting nowhere in life.” tell them that “Everybody goes through hard times every now and then. You’re doing fine!”

• Try to be a positive person yourself. Adults with low self esteem need positive friends to help them feel better about the world. Try to encourage him/her to join you in fun activities or volunteer work.

• Every day, try to offer at least one compliment. You should genuinely mean the compliment, and not just make one up out of the blue. If your friend/relative/significant other is wearing a nice shirt, make it a point to tell him/her. Avoid saying anything critical. If you do have to offer constructive criticism to a co-worker, offer some kind words as well. Instead of telling him/her what’s wrong, give him/her some advice on how to improve.

Improving Your Own Self Esteem

If you have low self esteem yourself, you need to improve your self worth so that you can live life to the fullest.

Here are some techniques to help you improve your self image:

• Everybody has inner strengths. You might not always realize them, but you have them. Make a list of all of your inner strengths and positive attributes. Focus on the good things about yourself rather than the not-so good things.

• Surely you have a hobby or activity that you enjoy. Indulging yourself is a great way to improve self esteem. Just as long as the activities are healthy and positive, you should devote as much of your time as possible to them.

People with self confidence issues often fail to give themselves enough time to breathe. Find ten minutes every day to sit and do nothing. During those ten minutes, close your eyes and think about being in a peaceful place, such as a meadow or beach. As cheesy as this sounds, it really does help improve self esteem.

Helping low self esteem really isn’t difficult if you follow all of these tips. Whether you want to help yourself or others, you now have some insight on what to do.

These tips are just the start. There are other techniques you can try to overcome low self esteem. You can learn how to turn negative thoughts to positive ones. You can live a happier life!

If you want to help others, you can learn how to give them all of the support and help they need.

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