There is Hope for Treating Shyness in Adults

by Jason on April 27, 2012

There is Hope for Treating Shyness in AdultsWhile it is nice to think that most shy people lose those tendencies when they mature, it just isn’t true. Shyness in adults is very common and some individuals live their entire lives unable to socialize with more than just a few people. There are more shy children than there are adults, but that doesn’t help the situation any for adults who remain that way.

The Real Problem for Shy Adults

Limited social function is a displeasing part of shyness for adults, and it devalues the quality of life, but that is not the major problem with the condition. Shy adults seldom advance very much in their professional life. When promotions come, they often refuse to take any that might place them in an uncomfortable managerial position.

Even if promotions are not possible, pay raises are based much on what talents a person has and how they use those in a team situation. The shy person doesn’t perform well in groups unless he or she can become confident with relationships with the other members.

Shy adults who are self employed often fare better than those who work for other people. This doesn’t always mean that they are able to better deal with their shyness, just that they find ways to have limited contact with other people.

The Love Lives of Shy Males and Females

Even when a work situation becomes comfortable and acceptable to a shy adult, the social life often remains very morose. Women may find it easier than men to find a life partner because they aren’t required to be outgoing or take charge of things. If a shy woman marries a man who isn’t shy, he will generally accept the leadership role and she may be completely happy with the arrangement.

Men often have problems finding a significant other because women expect their husbands to take charge of social situations and be assertive. This leads to more shy bachelors than shy spinsters, and males tend to be the lonelier of the two sexes.

Addressing Adult Shyness

At some point in life, many adults who are shy accept their situation and just give up on ever having a social life. It is not necessarily at any particular age, but many adults become complacent when they have been unsuccessful in love and friendship for the majority of their lives.

If you are an adult whose shyness has kept you from the life you wanted or the person you love, don’t resign yourself to a life alone. You are too important to be lonely and can still be a significant part of someone else’s life, as they can be to yours.

The time is now for you to reach out for the life you want. There is no reason why you shouldn’t expect to overcome the one thing that has kept you from achieving everything you have wanted. If nothing has worked for you before, you still have the opportunity to become the person you deserve to be.

Don’t believe that shyness in adults is a condition that you must suffer with all your life. People of all ages have discovered the way to overcome their shyness and live happy and much more meaningful lives.

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