Stress as a Cause of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

by Jason on December 9, 2012

Stress as a Cause of Obsessive Compulsive DisorderBecause stress is a primary cause of obsessive compulsive disorder, it is important to understand how you deal with it. While you might not be in a stressful situation at the present time, history has shown that everyone must face some form of stress during their lifetime.

What is Stress?

You will find many different answers to this question, but there are three basic ways to define stress.

1. Anything that upsets you enough to disrupt your life is stress.
2. The wear and tear on your body from something bothering you mentally or physically is stress.
3. Anything that adversely affects your physical, spiritual, or psychological being is stress.

While this might define stress in a scholarly fashion, it cannot determine what stress is to you personally. Generally, stress appears to the individual when something foreboding seems to be unavoidable or has no solution. Stress may cause obsessive compulsive disorder when it places a person in a perceived helpless situation.

Stress on a Personal Basis

Some individuals are capable of handling more stress than others are. This is why some executives can exist within a constant stress level and never seem to lose their cool. The other side of that coin is that every human has a limit to the amount of stress that can be endured without adverse affects.

The threshold for exploding due to stress may be high enough in some individuals that they avoid a meltdown, but those with tendencies toward OCD have a lower breaking point. Where the line is drawn is not clear to the psychiatrist or to the individual, but once the threshold is crossed, it can be very difficult to mend and heal the individual.

At some point, anyone will “snap” when they can no longer take the pressure of a stress load. This is why it is so important to devise ways to escape stress on a regular basis. When stress is constantly hammering at you, it will cause a change in you personally at some point.

The Result of Uncontrolled Stress

Mentally a person attempts to reason what to do in any situation, but stress often confuses the mind as to what can or should be done under set conditions. Stress can lead to a one time reaction, or in the case of OCD, a continuing reaction that occurs each time stress is perceived.

Perception is important because it is what makes something relevant or true to the individual. Stress does not need reality to cause an effect, as long as a person perceives a situation as stressful.

You may have high levels of stress in your life that almost reach the unbearable point. Without someone to guide you with ways of stress reduction, you may be faced with a lifetime of OCD events. Whether you identify with the cause of obsessive compulsive disorder in your life or not, you must find a way to deal with stress leading to it. Go to the URL attached to this link for answers and direction into dealing with stress.

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