Panic Attacks in Children Treatment Methods – Learn How to Help Your Child Overcome Fear!

by Jason on November 4, 2011

Panic Attacks in Children Treatment Methods – Learn How to Help Your Child Overcome Fear!

It’s horrible watching a child enduring a panic attack. Panic attacks are frightening enough for adults, and to see your own child going through one is really awful! Some parents aren’t even aware of the symptoms of panic attacks, and worry that their child might actually be in physical pain.

Well, you don’t have to watch your child suffer anymore! Panic attacks in children treatment methods can help kids overcome this disorder. While undergoing treatment, they can learn how to manage their attacks and to control the symptoms.

The frightening thing about these attacks is that kids really feel as if they have no control over their bodies. The more they fear, the worse the symptoms. Some parents get anxiety attacks mixed up with panic attacks. The former is usually caused by feeling anxiety over a particular fear. The latter can literally come out of nowhere for no apparent reason!

Medication alone isn’t an effective treatment. Most parents don’t want their children to be on medication anyway. There are child therapists who can help kids with panic disorders. They help kids understand that they have control over their attacks. Children learn how to combat frightening feelings so that they can prevent an attack.

There are techniques that parents can use to help their children. Here are a few ways you can help your little boy or girl deal with panic attacks.

First things first, make sure that the teachers are made aware of your child’s panic disorder. They need to know that there is a problem and that your kid isn’t just “acting up”. Do whatever you can to ensure that your child’s experience at school is positive. Tell them that they are going to be brave at school, and you are proud of them no matter what.

Sit down with your child and explain that the attacks won’t hurt him/her. Children who struggle with panic attacks need to understand that they are not going to die whenever they start to feel the symptoms. They need to realize that everything is going to be okay.

Teach relaxation techniques, such as breathing awareness. One of the best breathing techniques is stomach breathing. Teach your child to place their hands over their tummy and to breathe in slowly and deeply whenever they start to feel upset or angry. As they breathe in, they should feel their tummy expanding with their hands. As they breathe out, their tummy should fall. Concentrating on their hands, breathing, and stomach will help keep their mind off of the panic disorder symptoms.

Natural Treatments for Panic Attacks in Children

• There are a number of homeopathic remedies which may assist a child in the struggle against panic attacks. These are natural treatments that can be just as effective as synthetic drugs. A few examples include St. John’s Wort, Passionflower, chamomile, and lemon balm.

Brew your child a cup of herbal tea every night before bedtime. It will help them get sleep. With enough sleep every night, a child’s chances of having a panic attack are reduced. Just be careful with the dosages. Children don’t need as high dosages of herbal remedies as adults.

• There has been a lot of research for hypnotherapy in children. It works better with children than it does with adults! This is because they have fewer years of reinforcement in their minds. Their subconscious is more receptive than ours. The best thing about hypnotherapy is that there are no risks or side-effects.

During a session, your child will be taught to overcome any phobia(s) that could be playing a role in the attacks. He or she will also be given self-esteem suggestions. Through hypnotherapy, children can learn and come to understand that they DO have power over their fears!

These panic attacks in children treatment methods should give you some ideas on how to help your child. They are just a few suggestions, however; there is much more for you to learn about how to help children with panic attacks.

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