Learn How to Get Rid of Panic Attack! Here are Tips On Dealing with a Panic Disorder

by Jason on October 31, 2011

Learn How to Get Rid of Panic Attack! Here are Tips On Dealing with a Panic Disorder

Are you wondering how to get rid of panic attack? Are you tired of suffering from a panic disorder? Since these attacks occur due to a combination of physical and mental problems, anybody can be at risk.

Even if you’re in good physical health, there are some emotional factors that can cause you to have a panic attack. Even if you’re in good mental health, there might be some biological problems that contribute to a panic disorder.

The key to getting rid of panic attacks is to take a few different approaches. Some people may need therapy while others can settle with treating the physical symptoms.

Symptoms of panic attacks include:

• Difficulty breathing

• Pounding heart

• Chest pain

• Feelings of terror

• Dizziness

• Blurry vision

• A feeling that you’re about to die

• Shaking or trembling

Some people are afraid that they might have a disease or medical condition that causes all of these symptoms. In many cases, the individual is in good health. More than anything, a panic attack is a fear of losing control. You need to understand that you DO have control! You can learn how to get rid of panic attack by understanding that it won’t hurt you.

Here are some ways to stop having attacks:

Stay fit with exercise. It’s good for the body AND mind. Exercising for just a half an hour a day can help prevent panic attacks. The more intense the exercise, the better. It can be anything from jogging to swimming. Just as long as it burns a lot of energy, you’ll be doing fine.

• In addition to exercise, you should also do yoga. Yoga burns off the nervous energy that contributes to panic and anxiety. During yoga sessions, you will learn how to do stretches and breathing exercises. Ideally, you should alternate between yoga poses and regular exercise.

• Eat a balanced diet. It’ll keep your body in shape and reduce the risk of having attacks. Eat freshly grown and organic foods. Stay away from chemicals and preservatives. You have no idea how much are added to processed foods! When your body has a lot of chemicals, you are more likely to experience symptoms of panic disorder.

• Sometimes the source of attacks is a matter of excessive stress. You must avoid stressful situations and people as much as you can. If you’re forced to face stressful situations and people at work or school, then you need to learn how to stay calm. Breathe deeply through your stomach for a minute. Inhale and exhale deeply. Drinking a cup of herbal tea before work or school will also help you stay calm.

• Many people find aromatherapy to be a great remedy for panic attacks. Carry around a small vial of an essential oil blend. Take a whiff whenever you feel an attack coming. A few examples of panic relief blends include three drops of frankincense with two drops of helichrysum; four drops of lavender and one drop of rose; and four drops of frankincense with one drop of rose.

Stay away from ALL sources of negativity! This includes negative thoughts, negative books, negative TV shows, negative websites, etc. You may not realize it, but all of the negativity you come across daily affects your subconscious. Your subconscious can contribute to panic attacks. Invite more positivity into your life and you should notice a difference.

Now you know how to get rid of panic attack! Follow all of these tips and they’ll help reduce the number of attacks you have.

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Learn How to Get Rid of Panic Attack! Here are Tips On Dealing with a Panic Disorder

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