Learn How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic Attacks with These Techniques!

by Jason on October 1, 2011

Learn How to Get Rid of Anxiety and Panic Attacks with These Techniques!

Do you want to know how to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks for good? Are you tired of living in fear of the next attack? While anxiety and panic attacks aren’t exactly the same thing, the fear behind them is real. The physical symptoms are similar and equally uncomfortable.

Well, you don’t have to put up with them anymore! Both types of attacks can be resolved with the right treatment. Treatment usually involves a combination of physical and psychological approaches. The symptoms mimic other medical conditions, but in many cases, they are caused by psychological factors more so than physical.

Many people seek help from professionals. They acquire prescriptions for anti-anxiety medication and see therapists. A combination of cognitive therapy and medication are usually recommended. However, if you want to learn how to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks on your own, you can!

The following techniques will help you get started.

Overcoming Anxiety Attacks

Unlike panic attacks, anxiety attacks usually have a source. You must figure out what the source of your anxiety is and tackle it through treatment. You can also treat the symptoms so that you’ll be better able to manage the attacks.

Here are a few tips:

• Work on your self-esteem. It’s not uncommon for people with an anxiety disorder to have low self-esteem. Working on your self-image can do wonders for your mind and body.

• Talk to somebody! Get everything out of your system. If you have been having a rough time lately, find a positive person to talk to. You can even join a support group for anxiety sufferers. If something’s been bothering you, get it off of your chest. You’ll feel much better.

• Go out and get some fresh air whenever you are feeling aggravated or worried. The calming effect of a tranquil environment will help you feel better. Go walking around until the negative feelings start to subside. If you live near a stream, go sit next to it for a little while.

• Banish the things in your life which cause you stress. If it’s home life, start spending more time outdoors. If it’s work, try to avoid confrontation if you can. Start getting more sleep every night and you will be able to handle stressful situations in your life. Remember that no job is worth sacrificing your health over.

Overcoming Panic Attacks

Unlike anxiety attacks, panic attacks tend to be spontaneous. They can happen to anybody at any time. Some people even experience panic attacks on good days.

Here are a few techniques for getting rid of them:

• Eat a small amount of food regularly. Eat one small meal every two to three hours. Avoid simple carbohydrates like white bread, pasta, sugar, etc. Eat fruits and vegetables and drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated and having healthy nutrients in your system will help prevent panic attacks.

• Try some vigorous aerobic exercises like bike riding, jogging, swimming, dancing, etc. Vigorous cardio processes some of the adrenalin that would ordinarily be released into the bloodstream during an attack. The physical symptoms of an attack are reduced when there isn’t as much adrenalin in your bloodstream.

• Herbs and supplements can be useful. They will help you to stay calm by regulating your metabolism, heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar levels. Fish oil, for instance, can really keep your blood pressure down. Be sure to get plenty of magnesium, B-complex, and Vitamin D every day. Herbal remedies include kava kava, hops, passionflower, valerian root, and chamomile.

It’s very important that you remember that the attacks won’t hurt you. While they can cause headaches and chest pains, they won’t kill you. As you learn how to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks, you can reduce the symptoms. The next time you feel an attack coming on, focus on the fact that you will be okay and that they won’t hurt you.

These techniques will certainly help you, but there is still much more to learn about how to get rid of anxiety and panic attacks. It’s really hard to find TRUTHFUL and BRUTALLY HONEST information regarding anxiety and panic disorders. Much of the information out there is just fluff.

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