Learn About Low Self Esteem in Women & How It Can be Treated

by Jason on July 21, 2011

low self esteem in women

Do you wish you had more confidence? Do you often compare yourself to other women? Low self esteem in women is more common than it is in men. Imagine how much happier you could be if you had the confidence to go out there and live life to the fullest.

There are many things you can do to improve your self esteem! I used to have social phobia. I was always afraid of talking to others and making friends. Finally I decided to search for a way to be more confident and I found it!

What kind of low self esteem do you have?

Women exhibit their low self esteem in different ways. Some women pretend to be happy and successful, even when they aren’t. They act conceited and shallow to cover up the fact that they don’t value themselves.

Some women don’t even try to pretend. If they have low self esteem, they don’t take good care of themselves. They end up in dangerous relationships because they think it’s the best they can do.

And then there are the women who, like I was once, are afraid of even leaving the house. These experience social phobia.

Low Self Esteem Treatments

Treatments vary. Some women take anti-depressants to deal with their depression. Some take anti-anxiety medication to deal with an anxiety disorder. The problem with drugs is that they can be abused. Substance abuse is common in those who suffer from low self esteem and anxiety problems.

Psychotherapy is recommended for women who have self esteem issues. It’s important to not only treat the problem, but to treat the cause. Oftentimes an unresolved childhood trauma leads to low self esteem in women.

Here are some techniques you can try to improve your confidence!

• Setting goals is one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Challenge yourself. The challenges should be things that can’t go wrong, such as starting a conversation with someone. Just choose someone who seems to be in a good mood and begin talking to him/her. You can also challenge yourself to get up early in the morning and go for a walk. In time, you will become braver and braver.

Celebrate your successes and forget about your failures. Women with low self esteem often feel anxiety over the smallest failures, no matter how unimportant they are. Every time you meet one of your goals, celebrate! Pat yourself on the back and allow yourself to enjoy the day.

• If you don’t suffer from social phobia, then make sure that every person with whom you associate yourself is positive. Avoid negative people. Stay away from selfish people, hateful people, and people who abuse drugs and alcohol. You don’t need drama in your life. Being around positive, honest, happy people is the best thing you can do for your self esteem.

• Learn something new. Become an expert on a topic that really interests you. You will feel more confidence if you have expertise. Having knowledge that you can share with others will give you a sense of pride.

• Use affirmations every day. Don’t underestimate the power of thought. Negative thoughts about yourself will only attract negative experiences. Positive thoughts will attract positive experiences. Affirmations are great because they can be used to reprogram your mind. Spend at least fifteen minutes a day telling yourself, “I AM strong, healthy, and happy.” Over and over again, and in time, you really will believe yourself to be strong, healthy, and happy!

These tips are just a few ideas of how you can work on your self esteem. If I managed to improve my self confidence on my own, then so can you!

You don’t have to resort to drugs or spend a lot of money. Low self esteem in women can be overcome. Even if you suffer from anxiety problems, you can still learn how to cope with everything.

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