If You Ever Say “I Have a Low Self Esteem”, These Exercises Will Help You!

by Jason on July 4, 2011

I have low self esteem

“I have a low self esteem.”

Do you find yourself uttering this statement? Do you admit that you have a low self esteem, and need help? If you don’t value yourself, how can you expect anyone else to find any value in you?

I used to have a low self esteem myself, but I managed to overcome it all on my own. It occurred to me one day that my own worst enemy was myself. So I took small steps to improve my self esteem. I used confidence-building exercises to help me overcome my lack of self worth.

Contrary to what you might have read, it doesn’t take months or even years of therapy and medication to overcome self esteem problems. You can actually improve your self esteem right away if you have the right mindset and tools.

Here are signs of a low self esteem:

Social withdrawal

• Eating disorder

• Anxiety

• Paying attention to the negative and ignoring the positive

• Putting yourself down for failures but not acknowledging your successes

• Worrying over what other people think

• Self neglect

• Feeling reluctant to try new things

• Reluctant to challenge yourself

If you experience any of these, then it’s fair for you to think “I have a low self esteem.” How can you overcome your lack of self esteem?

You need to try confidence-building exercises, just as I once did. I still do some of these on occasion whenever I need a self esteem boost.

1. Use self esteem affirmations. These are positive statements you can repeat over and over again to empower yourself. A few examples include “I am special.” “I am successful in everything that I try.” “I attract abundance wherever I go.” “I am wonderful.” “I look great in everything that I wear.” “I deserve to be pampered and loved.”

2. Write in a journal. Every day, write about how you feel, what you enjoy, what you’re grateful for, what you liked about your day, etc. You can also make a list of your positive attributes. Can’t think of any right now? I bet you can if you really want to. Just think of one or two thinks that you like about yourself. Write it all down in your journal. In time, you will be surprised at how long the list becomes!

3. Release your negative emotions. I know this may seem silly, but it really works: blow a helium balloon up, write all of your negative thoughts and emotions on it, and then take it outside and release it. As it drifts away, imagine that all of your negative thoughts are going away with it. Do this whenever you need a self esteem boost.

4. Try to avoid negative people as much as possible. If you have no choice but to deal with some negative people, try to be positive around them. Ignore them as best you can. Go out and find some positive friends. There are even support groups you can join consisting of people who are trying to improve their self esteem like you are.

5. Try your hardest to stop self-criticism. This isn’t easy, but it can be done if you work hard at it. For now on, every time you criticize yourself, hurry up and counter with a positive statement. Yes, you have to argue with yourself in order to improve your self-worth. For every bad thing you think about yourself, counter it with a good thing.

6. One thing that helped me overcome my self esteem issues was to accept that not everything is black or white. Words such as “failure” and “lose” are just that: words. You’re only a failure if you believe yourself to be. So you don’t get the results you want whenever you try to reach a goal. So you lost a game. Or didn’t get the job you wanted. No big deal. Keep on trying. What sets people with self esteem apart from people without self esteem is that the former tries, tries, and tries again.

The next time you think to yourself “I have a low self esteem”, you know what to do to make yourself feel more valuable! It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or what you’ve been through: you deserve to be loved. Nobody else is going to love you until you learn to love yourself.

These exercises are just enough to get you started. There is still more to learn. If you want to turn your life around and be happy, then you need to instill confidence in yourself.

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