How to Use the Power of Positive Thinking to Take Control of Your Life

by Jason on July 2, 2011

the power of positive thinking

Are you trying to cope with anxiety? Is it hard for you to stay positive?

I know better than anybody how difficult it can be to maintain a good outlook on life. A few years ago, I suffered from severe depression. I even knew that I was only making things worse by focusing on the negative rather than the positive.

If you’re doing the same thing, then I’d like to share some secrets with you! Sure, everybody has heard about “the power of positive thinking”, but not everyone understands exactly what it means.

The thoughts you are thinking RIGHT NOW, and the emotions you are experiencing at the present, are shaping your future. Your present situation is most likely a reflection of what you were thinking in the past.

We attract our own suffering. There’s no use blaming it on anybody or anything else. Letting anxiety get the best of you will only make matters worse. Believing that you can’t control your anxiety is the WORST MISTAKE you could possibly make!

You CAN control your anxiety. I eventually learned how, and so can you. You can do this by taking control over your thoughts. If you can’t control your emotions right now, you should at least try to control your thoughts. In time, you’ll be able to master your emotions as well. It just takes time.

Sit and relax for at least 30 minutes a day. Listen to meditation music or binaural beats. While relaxing, repeat positive affirmations over and over again.

Positive affirmations should not have negative words such as “not”, “never”, “won’t”, etc. For instance, if you want to think thoughts of being happy, the affirmation should be stated as “I AM GETTING OVER MY ANXIETY. I AM HAPPY.” And NOT “I am not anxious or upset.” Even though the meaning is the same, the second affirmation is stated with a negative word.

Here are some examples of positive thoughts you can focus on. Spending at least thirty minutes a day thinking these over and over again is a great start:

• I am at peace with myself and with others.

• I am happy. Life is good to me.

• I am filled with success.

• I am open to receive abundance.

• I am healthy, well, and happy.

• I achieve success effortlessly.

• Everything I do turns into abundance and success.

• I am letting go of the best, and looking forward to a bright future.

• I am attracting healthy, positive people into my life.

• I deserve to be in good health.

• I deserve happiness. I am happy.

• I am strong. I have the ability to stay calm at work/school/wherever.

Here are examples of NEGATIVE thoughts that you must try to eliminate from your thinking pattern:

• Why does everything happen to me?

• I never have good luck.

• Life sucks.

• Why is God punishing me?

• How come nothing ever goes my way?

• I’ll never get out of this.


• If he/she really loved me, he/she would ……

• Why can’t I be happy?

• Why can’t I ever get a break?

Here are a few tips for elevating your mood:

Don’t overreact to the negative. Instead, try to overreact to the positive. Focus all of your energy on the good things that happen in life, and you will attract even more good things! You’ll be surprised at how empowering it is to put focus on the small, good things in life, rather than the bad.

Avoid “should” and “could” statements. So something “should’ve happened” and it didn’t. Or something “could” happen but you’re in doubt that it will. Replace these two words with “will” or “am”. Instead of “Something should go my way, but it won’t.” focus your thoughts on, “Something WILL go my way!” Instead of “I can’t” think “I am” or “I will”.

• Do healthy activities that will put you in a good mood. Think of a time in your life when you were very happy. What type of music did you listen to then? What kind of television shoes or movies did you watch? Bring it all back. The good feeling of nostalgia can attract good things into your life.

• If you find yourself stuck in a situation that causes anxiety, you can do on-spot meditation to stay calm. Breathe DEEPLY. Let the air travel through your entire body. Hold the breath for at least four seconds before exhaling. Tell yourself over and over again, “Everything is okay. Everything is fine. I can handle this. I AM handling this.”

No, you might not be able to change your life overnight, but if you follow all of these tips and spend at least thirty minutes a day concentrating on positive thoughts, life WILL be better for you. Like I said, I know from experience. If I conquered my fear and depression, so can you!

If you really want to take control of your life, this information is just the start! There is much more to learn about the power of positive thinking and how it can change your life forever.

You can learn how to overcome: anxiety attacks, panic attacks, depression, and social phobia. There’s no need to take drugs or spend a fortune on therapy.

Just watch the free video, “Anxiety Free Tactics” and learn how to arm yourself with panic relieving exercises and positive thoughts!

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Susan July 31, 2011 at 10:38 am

That’s a powerful article you’ve written and I agree with everything you’ve said 100%. I’ve seen far too many family members and friends wallowing in self-pity ( I call it the ‘Why-Me-Syndrome) and every time I try and tell them about the power of positive thinking, they think I’m just talking mumbo-jumbo. However, the proof’s in the pudding. Every time we meet, I hear them say the same things about how life’s not been too good for them and I’m the lucky one. I don’t think that way. I’ve had my fair share, in fact, more than my fair share of ups and downs. But I have an ace in my hand – I believe in positive thinking and in positive affirmations and I’m at peace with myself. Therein lays my secret. Luck has nothing to do with it. Positive Affirmation

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