How to Successfully Treat Your Social Anxiety Syndrome

by Jason on November 30, 2011

How to Successfully Treat Your Social Anxiety Syndrome

At one time, social anxiety syndrome was often considered just shyness that a person would eventually outgrow. About half of the people who have a social phobia show signs by the age of 11. This was why so many healthcare professionals associated it with the awkwardness of coming of age rather than the real problem it represented.

By the age of 20, 4 out of 5 people who will develop a social phobia have done so. The remaining 20% generally have a condition of depression and substance abuse that leads to their social phobias.

Clinical evidence and professional opinion indicate that as many as 40% of those who suffer from social anxiety are not helped by the structured treatment plans.

There are many anxiety disorders affecting millions of people, and social anxiety is the leader of them all. With the lack of professional treatments that consistently work, it can be frustrating for those who look for a way out of the situation. Even those who might be helped by seeing a psychologist or a therapist often cannot afford the fees these professionals expect to be paid.

Why Do Modern Professional Treatments Not Work?

It is not a kick against the professionals who are able to help people with their emotional problems, but treating and curing social anxiety are two different situations. Doctors often treat a symptom because it is the more obvious problem and the primary concern of most patients at the time, rather than finding the root cause of the affliction.

Other reasons why some methods aren’t effective as administered by doctors are:

* The Public Situation of the Treatment – A person who has a social anxiety is not comfortable with leaving the confines of home to visit a doctor or therapist. There aren’t that many professionals who make house calls anymore, so the traumatic experience of visiting an office worsens the problem at the outset.

* The Many Social Phobias That Exist – If social anxiety was one dimensional and it was a process of only one treatment being necessary to effectively cure it, there would be a better success rate. There are so many reasons why a person might have an anxiety that attempts to treat it might actually worsen the situation.

* Accessibility of Professional Help When Needed – It is not a reflection on a psychiatrist that they are not always available when needed. This would be impossible unless the professional had only one client. Still, when anxiety builds up, a person needs someone accessible at any time of the day or night.

The Shyness and Social Anxiety System is a comprehensive study, which answers the questions of how to deal with and cure social anxiety for the masses. The basis for this self-treatment is changing the mental process that leads to the various types of anxiety. It is somewhat like a roadmap that tells you where the turns are to make in your life, rather than just driving around in the dark and not knowing where you should be going.

For any of you who have never been confident enough to seek help before or who have paid your hard earned money to doctors only to end up right back where you started, take charge of your own situation. In the final analysis, you are the person who must make the changes in your life, and you need the right tools to do the job. Social anxiety syndrome can be cured if you really apply yourself to the cause.

Join the growing list of people who have taken charge of their anxieties and are living happy and fulfilled lives because they discovered the solution to Social Anxiety Syndrome. Don’t delay, do it today.

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