How to Deal with Depression

by Jason on September 23, 2009

how to deal with depression

Depression happens to everyone at some point in their lives. Really, if you’ve ever met someone who’s said they’ve never gotten depressed, they’re simply not telling the truth.

No one is above the rule that sometimes people just get sad. It’s human nature. Just as you love the way you feel when you’re happy, your body counterbalances with similar levels of sadness. It’s a part of our biological design to feel the feelings you feel when you’re depressed, so understand that your emotions are completely normal.

That said, there are many people, just like yourself, who experience bouts of prolonged and deep depression due to any number of factors including hormonal imbalances, circumstancial changes, chemical imbalances, ingrained emotional temperments and a whole host of other reasons.

It’s important that you understand, the following guidelines are NOT for curing the root cause of your depression. The techniques below are designed to show you how to deal with depression, accept your feelings and move on to a happier, more positive mindset. The techniques absolutely work, so try to stick to them as hard and fast rules whenever you’re in doubt and unsure how to deal with depression.

Ready to start feeling better? Great! Let’s show you how to deal with depression and have you feeling “normal” again.

Before we begin, it’s important you understand a very important principle. Now, it may sound a little out there, so just bear with me for a moment. Your depression is a part of YOU and everything that’s apart of you is a good and wonderful thing. Therefore, do not be ashamed of the feelings you’re having. They are completely normal. Let me explain…

Life is complex. Our emotions are our mental reactions to the physical and circumstantial stimuli around us. There are a limitless number of things that can happen to you in life. So why should you experience only a limited number of your feelings?

Depression is a normal and natural emotional response to certain stimuli. The problem of depression comes into play when you can’t let go of the feeling and move on to more pleasant thinking. Some people just don’t know how to deal with depression and they keep it inside for weeks, months or even years. It’s a real shame huh?

When your mind lingers on negative thoughts, depression feeds on itself and essentially sets up shop in your head, refusing to go away and let you enjoy the positive things around you. The techniques I’m about to teach you will help you release this mental monster and move on with your life.

It can feel like a helpless battle when you first experience depression. Your mind becomes so introverted and self-absorbed. You can feel trapped in your own head and while you’re stuck in there, all your attention focuses on everything you don’t like about yourself, your life and those around you. Depression can get very dark. Knowing how to deal with depression gets you back into the light.

That’s where I come in.

Sometimes, all it can take is a little outside perspective to take you out of that element. Here I’ll be shedding some light on that dark depressive cave, effectively letting you see the big picture. I’ll show you how to deal with depression using natural techniques that are proven to work fast.

I know how you feel. You get so bogged down in your depression that it seems you get tunnel vision, meaning you only see the negative immediately before you. I used to be there myself before I know how to deal with depression.

The fact is, your perception is your reality. If you focus on the negative, whether it’s there or not, you’ll be attracting more negative into your life and things will only get seemingly worse.

Here I’ll be teaching you active ways you can change your perception and learn how to deal with depression, not so you can elimintate it completely, but so you can let it wash over you like water off a duck’s back.

Sometimes that’s just how you need to face life…one challenge at a time.

See, there are two primary ways to choose how to deal with depression.

  1. You are completely empowered to overcome the feelings of negatively, letting your sadness fuel the fire to improve yourself and your life. Depression motivates you to change for the better. It gives you the push to strive for greater things.

  2. Your depression cripples your ability to make great things happen for yourself. You let depression consume and incarcerate your ability to laugh, love and be grateful. You watch life pass by as others seemingly enjoy feelings you’ve forgotten how to find.

The good news is, if you’re reading this right now, you’re well on your way to knowing how to deal with depression using the first reaction.

If you’re still stuck in the second way of thinking, have no fear. I’m about to unload to phenomenal tactics to help you change your perception. “Changing your perception” is a phrase I want you to mediate on. That’s because perception is the playing field in this game of how to deal with perception. It’s where you take action.

Here we go!

7 Powerful Strategies that Work

how to deal with depression - Let it all out

Let it all out
Don’t keep your feelings bottled up. If something’s bothering you, talk to a loved one, trusted friend, therapist, doctor or call an anonymous depression support line. You can simply google “depression hotline + your area” to get the local support your need.

For most people, how to deal with depression means having a teammate to get them through the rough patch. Don’t worry if you don’t have one yet. Until you’re comfortable in how to deal with depression, feel free to send your emails over to me. I’m a very good listener.

Remember, your feelings are completely normal. There’s nothing to be embarrassed or ashamed of. It’s so important to get the relief of offloading these negative thoughts onto someone who can give you constructive, positive feedback.

how to deal with depression - Write it down

Write it down
Keep a journal of the thoughts and feelings you’re having. Have your journal open so that two blank pages are facing you. On the left page write down your fears, worries, negative thoughts and concerns as bullet points. For each bullet point on the left, create a corresponding entry on the right page with a solution, positive outlook, grateful appreciation or humorous observation.

Writing will show you how to deal with depression when you have no one to share your fears and sadness with. A notepad can make a very good companion in these times.

This exercise is all a part of training your brain to take negative thoughts and transform them into positive reactions. Remember, you may not have control over your circumstances but you can always control your reaction to them.

how to deal with depression - Create a visionboard

Create a vision board
This is a fun little project that will help you take your mind off the bad and focus on goal setting. You may have heard of vision boards before. If not, here’s what they are…

Get a nice big piece of white contruction paper, cardboard, oaktag paper or any other large, firm piece of paper. Now, start looking through your favorite magazines or newspapers for pictures representing what you want in life.

You’re going to cut out the pictures representing your lifelong goals. Feel free to dream big!

Don’t worry about being a bit superficial here. You should aim high with goals like a large house, a luxury car and piles of cash if those things are important to you. Just don’t forget to find pictures of things that are emotionally meaningful as well, like family, children, friends, pets, happiness, peace, etc.

You can cut out pictures of words also. I’ve got a big cutout of the word “Serenity” on my vision board because that’s what I always strive for – complete serenity.

Creating a vision board is important because by setting goals, you start focusing on the big picture. Life will be good again and you can start aspiring this moment towards those things you cherish on your vision board.

This exercise should help transform your depression into a sense of ambition and make you think more strategically about your future. It’s one of my favorite techniques on how to deal with depression.

how to deal with depression - Keep busy

Fill up your Calendar
Depression can hit you most often after the holiday season is over. That’s because there’s no longer holiday gatherings and parties to look forward to. A long boring winter is all that remains on the horizon. It doesn’t have to be this way though.

I make it a point during these months to fill up my Calendar with as many activities as possible to look forward to. It could be as simple as writing down a movie you’re going to go see, or a bowling night out with friends.

It doesn’t really matter what the activity is, the idea is you’re looking ahead. You’re thinking about the future. You’re planning for fun and exciting things.

This is all part of getting out of the rut of depression. Staying busy is a great way to interrupt the negative voice in your head. Afterall, you’ve got way more important things to do than listen to negative, self-induced nonsense. Your Calendar reinforces that belief.

how to deal with depression - Try something new

Try something new
Maybe you’re feeling bogged down by the same redundant schedule of your life. It can be a bit grating after a while. You get up early, drive to work, come home, eat, play with the kids, go to bed, wake up and start all over again.

Whatever your schedule is, it’s only normal for it to drive you a bit mad every now and again. Don’t let depression get the best of you. By, shaking things up a bit, you’ll be envigorated by trying something new.

I worked with a very nice woman who suffered from recurrent bouts of depression. She used to say “Kimmy, I feel like I have no energy. I just get so depressed and want to sleep for the entire day. It’s making me so exhausted. I just keep calling in sick to work. What can I do?”

I told her about a REALLY fun class at a local gym that taught beginner rock climbing. At first she looked at me like I was nuts. Then, she chuckled at the thought of her harnessed up and climbing one of those rock walls.

After just a bit more convincing, I talked her into it. During her first class of course she felt a bit mopey and tired. But her interest in the hobby distracted her from her thoughts and she became intrigued with the challenge of climbing the rock wall.

As it turned out, she made some wonderful friends in the class and of course with the added exercise, her energy is finally back to normal.

It can be hard coming up with ideas on how to deal with depression using this tactic. Try to conquer a fear or even gain a new skill.

Trying something new is a great way to deal with depression because it gives you confidence. It reinforces that YOU are in the driver’s seat and you can do whatever you dare to.

how to deal with depression - Adopt a pet

Adopt a buddy
Any dog owner out there will tell you that there’s no feeling like coming home to your loving companion. If you live alone, this can be a great solution to lonliness induced depression. However, be aware that owning a dog is also a huge responsibility. If you decide to get one, make sure you have the time to dedicate to your pet’s training and care.

I adopted my dog, Duncan, when I was going through a rough time. Who knew he would be my savior in how to deal with depression? Seeing his goofy face everytime I walk through the door just gives me a smile no matter what kind of mood I’m in. He loves me unconditionally and that feels like a warm blanket on a cold winter morning.

how to deal with depression - Love yourself

Recognize your greatness
Sometimes when I pat myself on the back a lot, it makes me feel narcissistic or self-absorbed. The truth is, you should practice loving yourself especially when you feel depressed because it helps your brain switch gears.

Get out a piece of paper and write down a list of all your good qualities. It doesn’t matter how minute the detail. Nothing is too shallow. If you’ve got pretty feet, write it down. If you’re a great listener, write it down. If you work hard everyday to provide for your family, write it down. This is where you give yourself credit where credit is do.

When you’re depressed, it’s so easy to be hard on yourself. You never just go with the flow and appreciate how wonderful you really are. Maybe you’re always criticizing parts of your body, things you say out loud or how you look in the mirror. Stop torturing yourself and view things in a different light. Love yourself. Knowing how to deal with depression always comes back to this idea.

Reprogram Your Perspective

Life is a gift. You can make it whatever you want. Knowing how to deal with depression is just the start. The only limitation is your own way of thinking. Make the decision right now to change your way of thinking so you can experience every wonderful thing life has to offer.

Let’s go way beyond how to deal with depression.

The Conquering Stress Program found here will show you how to overcome all your negative thoughts which feed your depression.

Chris Green authors this ebook and I have to say, he’s really outdone himself. I read this book and actually re-read it every few months to reinforce the principles. It’s a must have in your reading collection if you’re serious about finally living “depression proof”.

Check it out here right now. I know you’ll really enjoy it. There’s some really nice testimonials as well. I always like to promote books with a sound track record. This one’s got it. You may want to jump on it quick though. Chris is always taking products off the market without much notice. Anyway, go on, give it a read and let me know your thoughts.

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Siti February 18, 2010 at 7:03 am

Hi there.. Thanks so much for the insight.. I didn’t know that I was facing depression until my boss gave me a checklist.. I scored 5/5, ie, I AM DEPRESSED.. Oh well, let me try these things.. I guess I should give it a shot.. I hate being this sickening everytime and it’s affecting my work, my health, my relationship.. It’s really sick.. Am I rabbling off?? ooh.. Sorry.. Anyways, thanks for sharing.. :0)

God Bless

Paul November 16, 2010 at 8:03 pm

I am seeking therapy as well as seeing a psychologist for meds. I wish I could do it without medication, but I don’t think it is possible at this time. I broke my foot a few years ago and it never really healed properly so I an unable to run. Running always relieved stress. Also, unemployed so I don’t have money for an expensive outlet(no gym memership). Can you give me any recomendation? How do you deal with family members that believe depression doesn’t exist? I enjoyed your article.

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