Does Hypnotherapy for Shyness Really Work?

by Jason on July 10, 2012

Does Hypnotherapy for Shyness Really Work?A psychoanalyst will tell you that social phobias have many varying symptoms and additionally variable degrees of severity. What some people will call shyness, others will label a social phobia. While phobias have ten dollar names and specify the different fears a person may have, shyness encompasses several of these phobic like symptoms rolled into one problem. Hypnotherapy for shyness is not an unusual treatment because it is often a tool in therapy for phobic social disorders.

Hypnosis has been in use since the 19th century and was advanced by Sigmund Freud among others. It has proven to be a significant tool in helping people to remember things that are in their subconscious and to determine why they have certain feelings and react in the ways they do.

Is Shyness a Phobia?

The reason there are so many phobias is due to its meaning. “Phob” is a Latin word which means “fear of,” and in medical or psychological terms it is seen as “suffering from irrational fears.” This of course muddies the waters of explanation because shyness may not be considered an irrational fear in some circles. A shy person is that way because of things he reasons make him inferior or unable to relate socially.

To also play the Devil’s advocate, we have to say that shyness is a phobia because most social situations aren’t life threatening in a real sense so the fear is irrational, whether the shy person believes that or not. This variation in thought is one reason why shyness is considered slightly different from social anxiety syndrome.

Treatment with Hypnotherapy

If shyness is therefore a phobia, it stands to reason it can be treated with hypnosis the same way other phobias often are. Hypnotherapy is considered to be an effective and long lasting way to overcome social anxiety and shyness, and it is often combined with cognitive behavioral therapy. This combination is referred to as Cognitive Hypnotherapy.

Some of the positive results of this treatment include:

1. Showing clients that their thought patterns are maladaptive and unhelpful so they will challenge them

2. Help in bolstering confidence and self-esteem

3. Patients learn relaxation techniques that they can initiate when there is a need

4. Decreases the negative attitudes and self-doubting

Hypnotherapy is often self-administered through the use of tapes or CDs during sleep or periods of relaxation. It is a tool to be used along with other therapies and group session work in most cases.

People have varying degrees of success with hypnotherapy, but unlike some other therapies and treatments, it is not a frivolous one without documented evidence of the good it has done. Those who have been in therapy but have never tried self-hypnosis might want to ask about it because results have been much better for some patients using it.

If you or someone you know is a shy person, you might consider another way to deal with the situation rather than spending countless hours in hypnotherapy. You can shorten the time it takes to go from an introverted shy person to someone who is comfortable in society. If you experience hypnotherapy for shyness and aren’t pleased with the results, follow the link to discover how to turn your life around. Take the first step to a new you now!

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