Do You Have Signs of OCD?

by Jason on November 10, 2012

Do You Have Signs of OCD?It is never clearly apparent to the casual observer what other people are thinking or why they do certain things. People who know you may see signs of OCD in the way you conduct yourself each day. Some of your closest friends might even tell you their opinion, but you need to understand the signs of OCD yourself.

While you may have grown accustomed to certain feelings and believe them to be “normal,” you might be surprised to learn that everyone does not entertain the same kinds of thought. Recognizing a problem in your life is the first step to solving it. Here are some questions you should ask yourself to see how you relate to someone with OCD.

Am I Suffering from OCD?

Honestly answer these questions to see if you have OCD tendencies.

1. Do you have a need to be in control of everything and everybody?
2. Does competition of any kind leave you highly upset if you don’t win?
3. Do you ever worry about your sexual orientation or your sexual performance?
4. Do you have a compulsion to repeat a ritual even though you would not want someone to know that you did?
5. Do you hate disorder, mess, and dirt so much that you wash your hands over and over? Are you a neat freak? Do you shower several times each day?
6. Do you often wish you could turn off thoughts that keep recurring in your mind?
7. Do you save things you don’t really need in large quantities that produce clutter?
8. Do you mutilate your body by pulling out hairs, picking pimples or scabs, biting your nails, or pulling skin excessively?

If you answer yes to some or all of these questions, there is a good probability that you have OCD. This is not intended to be all inclusive of what can be expected from OCD, but it should provide an indication. Only psychiatric evaluation can determine what, if any, disorder you may have.

Why Treatment for OCD is Important

Most of us believe we have the ability within ourselves to do almost anything, and in the final analysis, we are responsible for most results in our lives. OCD must be addressed by the individual if it is to become controllable. However, getting help at the outset is the best way effectively to treat the condition.

Obsessive compulsive disorder can be serious in the many ways that it affects your life. You won’t die from it, but you may get into dangerous situations if it is allowed to dictate what you do. Not only could your life be threatened because of your OCD tendencies, but the quality of life is seriously affected by this disorder.

If you answered positively to many of the questions above, you should be convinced that you need to find out what you can do today to stop those signs of OCD and give yourself peace of mind. Just follow the link to learn how to combat obsessive compulsive disorder.

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