Coming to Grips with Social Anxiety at Work

by Jason on January 11, 2012

social anxiety at work

Approximately 20 million Americans have some form of social anxiety, and most of them have jobs they must go to every workday.

Social anxiety at work is one of the most difficult situations for sufferers because they must work to earn a living even with this condition. Social anxiety also limits the accomplishments a person can make in a career.

Symptomatic of an employee with social anxiety is short term employment. The difficulty of dealing with others is one reason why some people jump from one job to another so often. In most work environments where contact with other employees is necessary, socially phobic individuals tend to become uncomfortable with some, if not all, of those people they have to work with regularly. It often becomes more difficult almost every day to go to a job.

Being the Exception

There are people who have self diagnosed themselves as shy or socially dysfunctional and have gone on to be successful in business. Paul Allen, who co-founded Microsoft, is a shy individual, and yet he did not let that deter him from his accomplishments. Johnny Depp has professed to be socially phobic, but it didn’t stop him from becoming one of the top actors in the world.

How a person decides to address his or her own work situation has to do with not only keeping a job for an extended period, but also achieving success within the position. A person who is shy or socially anxious will often be an underachiever so that others won’t pay him or her much attention, but that does not always mean there is no desire to achieve. Achievements themselves often help lessen the effects of the social phobia.

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