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The Definition of OCD and How to Treat It

October 25, 2012

Obsessive compulsive disorder belongs to the social anxiety disorders. These are characterized by fear of something for which there is no solution or way to avoid. Most often, fears are baseless or much less threatening than the person with the disorder imagines. The definition of OCD is a psychiatric disorder where thoughts are obsessive and […]

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The Unknown Causes for OCD

October 8, 2012

As with most mental disorders, there is not a completely singular reason for all cases of OCD. Causes of OCD are more likely based on several different events that form a cumulative quantity that, in simple terms, overflows or breaks the container which holds it. Scientists at one time believed that the occurrences of certain […]

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A Guide to Treating Children with Anxiety: Conventional Treatments & Alternative Treatments

November 9, 2011

Has your child been suffering from anxiety? It’s a frightening experience for a parent to see their child going through an anxiety attack. Childhood is supposed to be a fun, happy time, not a stressful time. Kids with anxiety can experience a lot of fear and unpleasantness. It affects his or her emotional AND physical […]

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How to Help Kids with Anxiety: Recognize the Symptoms & Help Them Improve Their Self-Esteem

September 25, 2011

Does your child always seem anxious or nervous? Are you afraid that he or she isn’t happy? Whenever children are anxious or afraid, they can be unpredictable. Sometimes they can act out with aggression or hostility. Sometimes they exhibit signs of depression. Some children have an attention-getting behavior. You may feel overwhelmed since anxious children […]

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6 Self Help Tips for Guys with Low Self Esteem: Learn How to Value Yourself More!

July 30, 2011

Are you a guy with low self esteem? Many men have low self confidence due to a variety of reasons: they’re not tall; they don’t make a lot of money; they aren’t successful in business; they have been turned down for dates; they have problems such as erectile dysfunction; etc. Low self worth in men […]

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6 Techniques to Prevent Anxiety Attacks at Night

July 28, 2011
anxiety attacks at night

Do you have anxiety attacks at night? You’re supposed to relax and rest at night, so experiencing an anxiety attack is really awful. Around half of the people with an anxiety disorder have their attacks at night. A significant number of these individuals are afraid of somatic consequences like a stroke or heart attack. This […]

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