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Self Esteem

Positive Thinking Exercises – Learn How to Change Your Life & be Happy!

July 18, 2011
positive thinking exercises

If you are having trouble reaching your goals and living the life you want to live, then you need to reprogram your thoughts. The present is built upon the thoughts and emotions of the past. The future is being built by the thoughts and emotions of the present. If your life isn’t to your liking, […]

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Read This Story on Positive Thinking and Learn Tips on How to Improve YOUR Life!

July 16, 2011
story on positive thinking

Do you have a story on positive thinking? Are you interested in reading other stories for inspiration? You may not realize it, but life is filled with opportunities and choices. If your life isn’t where you wish it to be, all you need to do is think positive and an opportunity will present itself. Then, […]

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Looking for Motivation? Here Are 18 Quotes on Self Esteem!

July 14, 2011

Are you struggling with your self esteem? Does your lack of confidence cause you anxiety? You might not realize it, but fear of trying is a lot worse than trying something and not succeeding. Those with low self esteem miss out on a lot in life. Someday you are going to regret not having had […]

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What is Low Self Esteem? What are the Signs of Low Self Esteem?

July 12, 2011
what is low self esteem

Are you concerned that you may have low self esteem? Do you often feel as if your life is somehow lacking because you don’t have enough confidence to tackle new opportunities? It is possible to gain that confidence! You really can improve your self esteem if you want to. It just takes some inspiration and […]

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The Self Esteem Questionnaire: 20 Questions to Help You Determine if You Have Self Esteem Issues!

July 10, 2011
self esteem questionnaire

Are you concerned about your self esteem? While we all struggle with a lack of confidence on occasion, some people suffer with a severe lack of self worth. This can cause the quality of living to be compromised. There are different levels of self esteem. How much effort should you put into improving yours? If […]

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7 Methods for Dealing with Low Self Esteem in Kids

July 6, 2011
low self esteem in kids

Are you concerned that your child might have a low self esteem? Low self esteem in kids can lead to problems later in life. Children with self esteem issues will have a difficult time with handling responsibility. They won’t be able to deal with peer pressure. Some children with a lack of self confidence may […]

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