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FAQ About Kids Phobias & How Parents Can Help Them Overcome Their Anxiety

August 24, 2011

Does your child have anxiety or panic problems? While all kids have phobias, not all of them suffer from anxiety attacks. Children with anxiety disorders have unreasonable fears for which there is no rational explanation. Whenever they get over one phobia, they will find another. As a parent or caregiver, you would probably do just […]

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How You Can Get Over the Fear of Death and Live a Happy Life!

July 1, 2011
fear of death

Do you have a fear of death? Does anything associated with death frighten you? It did me once. Ten years ago, I had an irrational fear of dying. It wasn’t so much the process of death that scared me, but the fear of the unknown. I was afraid that I would just stop existing one […]

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