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The Self Esteem Questionnaire: 20 Questions to Help You Determine if You Have Self Esteem Issues!

July 10, 2011
self esteem questionnaire

Are you concerned about your self esteem? While we all struggle with a lack of confidence on occasion, some people suffer with a severe lack of self worth. This can cause the quality of living to be compromised. There are different levels of self esteem. How much effort should you put into improving yours? If […]

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How to Use the Power of Positive Thinking to Take Control of Your Life

July 2, 2011
the power of positive thinking

Are you trying to cope with anxiety? Is it hard for you to stay positive? I know better than anybody how difficult it can be to maintain a good outlook on life. A few years ago, I suffered from severe depression. I even knew that I was only making things worse by focusing on the […]

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How Does Stress Affect the Mind & Body?

March 1, 2010
how does stress affect the mind

Stress can be very destructive. It can disguise itself as something benign (i.e. stomachaches, back pain, stress eating) and can easily make you believe that you are just in a rut, nothing serious… Well, that is not the case. Stress can cause a lot of problems with regards to your physical and mental wellbeing. But, […]

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Is it a Panic Attack or Heart Attack? Know the Difference!

May 27, 2009
panic attack or heart attack

It’s a pretty common scenario for most first time panic attack sufferers to immediately think they’re having a heart attack. After all, one of the most prominent symptoms of a panic attack is a POUNDING heartbeat that seems to flutter out of control. It’s pretty terrifying. Plus, if you’re unfamiliar with the symptoms of a […]

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