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Dealing with Sleep Anxiety in Children: 7 Approaches for Parents

August 20, 2011

Do you suspect that your child has trouble sleeping due to anxiety? Sleep anxiety in children can lead to emotional and physical problems. Their overall health suffers whenever they are unable to sleep peacefully. For some children, general anxiety leads to insomnia. For others, the sleep anxiety includes nightmares and night terrors. Additional problems include […]

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6 Techniques to Prevent Anxiety Attacks at Night

July 28, 2011
anxiety attacks at night

Do you have anxiety attacks at night? You’re supposed to relax and rest at night, so experiencing an anxiety attack is really awful. Around half of the people with an anxiety disorder have their attacks at night. A significant number of these individuals are afraid of somatic consequences like a stroke or heart attack. This […]

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How to Stop Nocturnal Panic Attacks

September 23, 2009
nocturnal panic attacks

At the height of my anxiety, I would have week-long stints of nocturnal Panic Attacks. On top of that, my anticipation of the attacks led to insomnia. I was sleepless and without a good nights rest, I’d spent my days walking around exhausted like a zombie. I used to fear going to bed. It sounds […]

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