Anxiety Induced Sweating

by Jason on February 25, 2010

anxiety induced sweating

Anxiety induced sweating is one of the more embarrassing forms of excessive sweating. You may find this sweating trigger very uncomfortable because of the mental chain reaction once the sweating begins.

If you already have an inclination towards excessive sweating or hyperhidrosis, then anxiety induced sweating can really consume your social life.

One particular story comes to mind when I think of anxiety induced sweating. It was sent to my inbox a while ago. Perhaps you can relate to this scenario described by one of my readers below …

The Sweaty Business Meeting

… I was sitting in one of our usual business meetings at my PR company. I’m a computer engineer – it’s kind of the perfect job for an anxiety sufferer like myself.

My job normally keeps me pretty hidden, which is a plus considering I have terrible anxiety induced sweating in public situations. However, on this particular day, I needed to meet with the heads of our HR benefits group to discuss a new computer system I was implementing.

Like any business meeting, there was a line of questioning regarding the work I’d be performing.

I remember the sweat began the moment I began responding to their inquiries. It started, as usual, by beading at my forehead. I was praying it was just a momentary flush but my hopes were lost the moment I felt the first trickle bounce off my eyebrow.

It only escalated from that point on.

So, there I was, facing five human resource associates with sweat dripping down my face. The anxiety rushed through my body and my paranoia took me to the edge of a panic attack.

My mind took a downward spiral, heading towards self destruction.

“What can they possibly think of me?”

“How can I show my face at work again?”

“I’m such a loser”

All these terrible thoughts brought on stronger feelings, triggering anxiety induced sweating and I thought that the flood of perspiration would never stop.

I could feel their eyes drawing down on my wet, scared face.

All I wanted to do was get up out of my chair, run out the door and just leave the building to head home. I felt like a little kid who just got terribly embarrassed in front of the whole class in elementary school.

Somehow, and I attribute this to your website, I changed the direction of my thinking with the consecutive thought control method that I learned from your 5-Day email course.

It was then that I made the conscious decision to take control.

Thankfully, using the techniques on your site, I was able to control my anxiety and slowly bring my panic down to a rest.

I promptly excused myself to the restroom where I splashed ice cold water on my face, patted it down with a couple of paper towels and initiated the deep breathing and mental exercises you’ve taught me.

When I walked back into the meeting room, I felt re-energized and confident that I could win back my audience… and I did.

Thanks for the tips at your site. Although, I’m not completely over my anxiety induced sweating, you’re really helping me learn to defeat it day by day. – Sincerely, Louis G.

The Resolution

After hearing that story from Louis, I obtained his permission to share it with you for one sole reason. That story isn’t a fairytale. Louis didn’t overcome his anxiety induced sweating like some invincible hero in a movie.

Just like you, he fell victim to his anxiety induced sweating.

However, his temporary setback isn’t the significance of the story. Louis got right back up on the horse, using techniques he’s learned here and found strength to go on.

Everyone gets defeated now and again.

There’s no overnight fix for having an excessive sweating problem triggered by high anxiety. Fortunately though, there is a system, a proven strategy for getting back your inner serenity when you feel the sweat approaching.

This site is dedicated to ending you anxiety and anxiety induced sweating using natural treatments that will give you control over your temperment. You’ll lose the panic and fear that anxiety induced sweating can create.

Don’t be a slave to your anxiety induced sweating any longer. Take control and learn the tactics that will grant you mental health, emotional freedom and a new love for life.

You can start this process right now at Panic Away by CLICKING HERE!

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ginny August 17, 2011 at 1:06 pm

I would like tips on anxiety sweating.. most the time i sweat in any social situation outside the home.. help!!

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