A Review of “The Anxiety Lie” – This guy is such a JERK…but he’s right!

by Jason on February 9, 2011

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I just got my butt handed to me by Rich Presta, author of “The Anxiety Lie”. Check out what I mean

Rich tells it like it is. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything. And he makes this
apparent right away in his latest book.

At first, Rich presta comes off like kind of a jerk. Seriously…

Just reading this page got me really fired up and angry.

But he really speaks the TRUTH.

When comparing his unique approach to other anxiety experts – he says…


Want to know what sells books?Things that make people feel good and hopeful in the short term.

Motivational mumbo jumbo – saying things like, “Just think positive!” and other useless nonsense that make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside for a little while…

All that is bullshit.

Warm and fuzzy doesn’t stop anxiety. Hope is not a strategy. The Anxiety Lie Program isn’t going to give you what you WANT…
…it’s going to give you what I think you NEED.


Like I said…he doesn’t sugarcoat it.Here’s a little warning for you. Rich’s book is a little harsh.

He doesn’t mince words and tells you in a very personal way
that a new approach is really what you need to rid your
anxiety for good. And you know what? For a lot of my
readers, he’s TOTALLY RIGHT!

Listen, I don’t have all the answers. I never
promise any new reader on my site that the strategies here are
a silver bullet. Let’s be realistic, ending anxiety takes work.

That said, sometimes a certain treatment approach will just click
with you and work for your personality type.

I think this is one of those kinds of situations.

I think for a lot of my readers, this “no excuses” kind program
is exactly the kind of tough love that they need.

Check out Rich Presta’s “Anxiety Lie” book right now
and see if this is YOUR perfect fit treatment plan.
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