A Guide to Adolescent Anxiety Treatment: Learn How to Help Your Child Overcome Anxiety

by Jason on August 1, 2011

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Watching your child suffer from an anxiety attack is one of the worst things any parent can experience. Since it takes a lot to calm someone down when they’re having an anxiety attack, you might feel that there’s nothing you can do to help! You might feel almost as helpless as your child.

Well, you don’t have to worry! There really are ways you can help. There are a number of adolescent anxiety treatment methods. In general, the treatments include:

• Gradual exposure

• Medication

• Behavioral therapy

• Relaxation techniques

• Homeopathic remedies

• Acupuncture

Experts believe that short term and long term treatments are necessary. While you will want to help your child right away, it’s important to understand that anxiety problems are long lasting. Most people experience them for years.

Adolescent anxiety treatment should consist of an immediate approach to treating the symptoms, and a long term approach to deal with the psychological and behavioral aspects. A lot of experts believe medication to be the most effective treatment. However, most parents don’t like the idea of drugging their children.

You can help your child overcome anxiety by teaching them coping methods, relaxation techniques, and self-esteem boosters. You may also find homeopathic remedies and acupuncture to be helpful.

Here is an overview of various adolescent anxiety treatment methods:

1. Drugs such as mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety, and sleep medications are usually prescribed to children with anxiety disorders. They inhibit the anxiety so that the child is able to do the things that he/she would normally be afraid to do. The downside to this treatment is that it isn’t a cure. It only treats the symptoms and not the causes.

2. Behavioral therapy and gradual exposure are considered to be the best long term treatments. It doesn’t provide immediate relief. You can help your child modify his/her behavior without the help of a therapist.

For instance, if your child is afraid to go to school, take him/her into the school yard, stand just by the door, and wait a few minutes. Do this every day for a week, and then take him/her walking through the hallway. Slowly increase the amount of time your child spends at school until they are in class all day.

3. Teaching children how to talk themselves out of irrational fears is a helpful technique for parents. Even though kids can have fear over the silliest things, you shouldn’t be judgmental. Instead of telling a kid to just “tough it up”, teach him/her HOW to “tough it up”. Teach them positive affirmations that they can say to themselves whenever they feel an anxiety attack coming on.

4. Slow, regulated breathing is a helpful adolescent anxiety treatment. By focusing on breathing in and out, the anxiety is relieved. This can be taught to kids who are at least 7 years of age. Have them practice breathing techniques at home every day, and they’ll eventually be able to apply it to anxious situations.

5. More often than not, children who experience anxiety live with parents who are anxious. Be mindful of your own attitude whenever you are around your kids. Be careful not to express any outward signs of worry or fear. Even if you are feeling nervous or upset about something, try to keep it all away from your child’s eyes. Kids look up to parents and watch them as they respond to events. They are more observant than you think.

6. Doing at least thirty minutes of yoga and stretching every day can help improve anxiety overtime. Start taking your child to a family yoga class. You could also watch aerobic and yoga videos and encourage them to stretch every day at home. Also, as silly as it sounds, humming can really relieve anxiety. Have your child hum for a few minutes whenever he/she experiences anxiety.

7. Sometimes anxiety can be caused by lack of Vitamin B and magnesium. Make sure your kid gets plenty of Vitamin B and magnesium every day. Dehydration can make anxiety worse. Make sure that the child drinks tons of water throughout the day. They should cut down on the sugar and energy drinks.

Hopefully, this information will help you. Adolescent anxiety treatment comes in a variety of forms, and you need to try a combination of physical treatments and emotional techniques.

Neither you nor your child has to feel helpless anymore! Learn how to help them conquer their anxiety, prevent panic attacks, and take back their childhood!

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All 7 steps are important to released anxiety. I think all parents should teach Yoga to their child. Yoga helps to keep healthy also

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