8 Self Esteem Builders to Help You Get the Confidence YOU Need to Succeed!

by Jason on July 5, 2011

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Do you wish you had more confidence in yourself? Have you always struggled with your self esteem? Perhaps you suffer from social phobia as well. We all question our self-worth on occasion, but some people are more confident in their abilities than others are.

Self esteem builders can help you! They are proven methods of improving one’s self worth and confidence.

I used to suffer from social phobia. In high school I was so shy that I never raised my hand in class. I was always afraid of the teachers asking me questions during class. Over the years I tried many self esteem builders. It took a while for them to work, mainly because I had to use trial and error.

I will tell you what works and what doesn’t, so that you can quickly gain self-confidence. You can get the confidence you need right away.

Here are some effective self esteem builders to get you started:

1. The very first thing you need to do is realize that YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM! Don’t be paranoid. Nobody is out to get you. If you always feel like the victim, you will attract circumstances that make you feel helpless. Take out a sheet of paper and start writing, over and over again, “I am strong. I have control over my life.” Even if you don’t believe what you’re writing at first, you should still write it at least fifty times.

2. Stop limiting yourself. If you keep telling yourself, “I can only do so much.” Or “I don’t have the skills for that.” then you will never have the courage to try something different. At least once a day, try challenging yourself. Start out doing something little. For instance, try doing an extra task or two at work. If you have social phobia, try starting a conversation with somebody: your teacher, a co-worker, a cashier, a restaurant server, ANYBODY!

3. Treat yourself to a makeover. Seriously, getting a makeover will make you feel better. Work on your physical appearance and your confidence will increase as a result. Treat yourself to a spa. Tell yourself “I deserve this! I feel great. I look great.” Start styling your hair differently. Buy a new wardrobe and start dressing differently.

4. Think of something that embarrassed you or caused you stress in the past. LAUGH ABOUT IT! No matter how horrifying it was at the time, you still managed to survive it, didn’t you? Even if you don’t think it’s funny now, you should try laughing about it. It’s silly to take life so seriously. If you can manage to laugh over something that contributed to your low self-esteem, you will be less afraid in the future.

5. Start making a list of everything good about yourself. Add to it daily. Ask a friend or relative to write on the list something that they like about you. The longer your list, the more you’ll realize just how likeable you really are.

6. Celebrate your accomplishments! For now on, whenever you accomplish something, no matter how small, be sure to treat yourself! The bigger the accomplishment, the more you should celebrate. Before you know it, you will be challenging yourself more so that you can have an excuse to celebrate!

7. Meditate every day and start visualizing yourself as a braver and stronger person. Imagine yourself as a confident individual who isn’t afraid of anything. If you are shy, visualize yourself speaking to others and making friends. Keep in mind that we attract things in life with our thoughts. Start thinking that you are strong and you will become strong.

8. I personally found this self esteem builder to be helpful: join a club or an organization! There are many different types of clubs: ones where you can express your interests, political clubs, volunteer organizations, etc. If you join a fun club you will be able to meet people with a mutual interest. Since you have something in common with the other members, you’ll have something to talk about. If you join an organization that involves a cause or volunteer work, you will feel better about yourself. You’ll truly feel as if you are making a difference in the world.

These self esteem builders really work. Although it took me awhile to build my confidence, and to get over my social phobia, you can increase your self esteem if you start on these right now!

These are, however, just the start. There are more self esteem builders that will help you appreciate yourself more. Life can be enjoyable if you believe in yourself!

The best thing about these builders is that they will help you get over anxiety. Anxiety attacks can be overcome if you follow the right techniques.

You CAN learn how to overcome negative feelings about yourself. You CAN reprogram your thought patterns. Turn negative thoughts into positive ones. It’s really not that hard if you follow a good program.

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