6 Self Esteem Lessons That I Learned – Hopefully They’ll Help You Too!

by Jason on July 20, 2011

self esteem lessons

Is your low self esteem keeping you from experiencing the things you want in life? Do you want to value yourseslf more but don’t know how? If you read about self esteem lessons other people have learned, you can get some inspiration for yourself.

I had low self esteem for YEARS and it took me awhile to finally value myself. I learned a lot of lessons along the way. I learned that I would never find success or true happiness until I had confidence in myself.

Perhaps one of my biggest problems was social phobia. I had such low self esteem that I was afraid to go out in public. I knew that if I wanted to get anywhere in life, I would have to learn how to communicate with others. For the longest time I thought social anxiety was holding me back. Eventually I came to realize that I was holding myself back. My social anxiety stemmed from low self esteem.

In fact, almost everything wrong with ANYBODY’S life is due to low self worth. If we are truly comfortable in our skin, then life would go smoothly.

I started meditating every day and tried some self esteem exercises. I made a list of the things I liked about myself in a journal. I began setting small goals for myself and little by little, I became more confident in my abilities. Now, I’m living the life I’ve always dreamt about.

I’ll share some of the self esteem lessons I’ve learned, and give you some advice on how you can develop the confidence YOU need to live the life you want.

1. I realized that if I want other people to love me and see how great I am, I would first have to realize my own self worth. I would have to love myself. I decided to give myself words of encouragement every day. At first, I didn’t really believe the words I was telling myself, but in time, they started to have a positive effect.

If you’re not getting words of encouragement from others, then start giving them to yourself. Try loving yourself. Think over and over again in your mind how wonderful you are, and eventually, your thoughts will have a positive effect.

2. It occurred to me that I had no real reason to fear social situations. My social phobia had no real cause, other than my own lack of self esteem. I was simply afraid of other people being rude or mean because I was mean to myself. I was always putting myself down so I expected that others would do the same. I always thought the worst of people since I always thought the worst of myself.

When I realized this, I decided to start a list of the things I liked about myself… and about others. I also asked a few relatives I trusted if they would add a few things that they liked about me to the list.

If you have social phobia, then think about WHY you’re afraid to go out in public. WHY are you afraid of others? Are you afraid that they will be mean to you? They will only be mean to you if you let them! Sure, there are some people out there who aren’t very nice, but nobody can be meaner to you than you are to yourself! Start making a list of things you like about yourself, and let your positive attributes shine.

3. Another self esteem lesson I learned was that it’s OKAY to challenge myself. I really wanted to see new places, yet at the same time I was afraid of people. How could I go out and see the world without dealing with strangers? So I decided if I really wanted my dreams to come true, then I would have to challenge myself. I would have to force myself to go out more.

I started going to one new place a week. Slowly I got used to being out. And you now what? Everything turned out okay! I didn’t run into any trouble! All those years of social anxiety were for nothing. Now I’m traveling all the time and enjoying every minute of it.

You should start challenging yourself if you want your dream to come true. Give yourself a new challenge a week. It can be something small. Reward yourself for a job well done. Even if something goes wrong, you should still pat yourself on the back for trying. Focus on the positive and try your best to forget about the negative.

4. I learned that it’s OKAY to pamper yourself! I never liked looking in the mirror because I always found something that I didn’t like. When I realized that I needed to work on my self esteem, I started to look for things that I DID like. I rewarded myself with a makeover. I started making better eating choices and lost some weight. I went to the spa for the first time.

For now on, start looking in the mirror and giving yourself compliments. I know it sounds silly, but it really helps. Tell yourself that you deserve to be pampered and indulged. The more you come to love yourself, the more you will enjoy the finer things in life.

5. You’re only going to be as successful as you allow yourself to be. I know this better than anyone. I always wanted to start my own work at home business, but I was too scared to take that first step. When I began working on my self esteem issues, I knew that I would have to force myself to take that first step. The first step was the most difficult, yet it was somehow easier than I thought it would be. Now, a few years later, I’m making money from home without any problems! I just wish I would have started a lot sooner than I did.

You can do the same. Whatever it is that you want to do with your career, don’t be afraid to do it! You won’t fail. Failure is only a word. If you believe you’ll succeed, you will. You just need to take that first step. Once you take it, everything WILL fall into place.

6. Have you had bad luck in love? You won’t ever find true love until you learn how to love yourself. If you have low self esteem, then you won’t find anybody who will value you like you deserve. Trust me, I know from experience. Until I found value in myself, I only had unhealthy relationships. The few boyfriends I had didn’t treat me with respect. I didn’t find Mr. Right until I finally learned to love myself and get over my social phobia. I realized that I deserved respect and love and nothing less.

A relationship can’t be true and healthy unless both parties respect THEMSELVES and EACH OTHER. That’s why true love is so rare: because so many people don’t value or love themselves enough to work for it. If you want to be happy in love, you need to believe yourself to be worthy of it.

These self esteem lessons changed my life, and hopefully they’ll inspire yours. Take one day at a time and try to challenge yourself. It’ll be hard at first, but everything will become easier and easier.

These six lessons are just the beginning. There is so much more information available that you will find useful.

If you can learn to see yourself positively, the rest of the world will see you in the same light! you can live a wonderful life. Learn how to turn negative thoughts and emotions into positive ones.

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