5 Steps in Treatment for Shyness

by Jason on March 20, 2012

5 Steps in Treatment for ShynessAny treatment for shyness should take into account the severity of the problem and the personality of the person receiving treatment. Those who deal with shy people regularly know that setbacks may occur when a patient is not understood well enough before attempting treatment. While it is always good to understand what led to the shyness, it is not always something that is clear.

Prepare for Shyness

Once a person realizes that they have a shy condition, it is important as part of treatment to prepare for the inevitable times when problems will arise. Simply ignoring the problem doesn’t leave room for improvement. Here are some key ways to prepare for times when situations will warrant social connections.

1. Predetermined Conversation Topics – At some point, every shy person gets into a situation where it’s necessary to speak to another individual. A stranger may not have the same interests as the person who is shy, so it is best to have several subjects that might strike a chord of curiosity or attention. Learning enough about each topic to speak intelligently can lessen the tension of a chance encounter or planned meeting.

2. Progress with Social Skills – While it isn’t possible to go from wallflower to belle of the ball all at once, you can practice social skills one at a time. This can be something as simple as instigating a greeting in a cheery fashion. People receive you much better when you smile and speak first, which also makes you more relaxed. For the very shy person, it may take a lot of private practice before gaining confidence enough to attempt this.

3. Don’t Keep Shyness a Secret – People make judgments of us by the way we react and appear to them, if we don’t tell them anything different. Since shy people often come across as being aloof or carrying a chip on their shoulders, it is much better to let people know right off the bat that you are shy and it is nothing personal. You might not get the best reactions from those you tell, but it is better than having them draw the wrong conclusions about you.

4. Make Others Feel Special – As difficult as it may be to compliment another person, it is one of the better ways to bridge the gap and in turn make a relationship of any kind easier for you. When the other person feels good about themselves, they will not scrutinize you so much, and you won’t have to be self conscious about how you appear. Every salesperson practices this technique to win the confidence of a prospective buyer.

5. Praise Yourself for Effort – If you feel good about something you do, it is an excellent motivator for any task you want to tackle. Every time you attempt to better yourself or break away from your shy ways, give yourself some credit. You must reward what you attempt to do, not what you accomplish, because the best effort does not always bring good results.

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