4 Ways to Overcome Social Anxiety for the Extremely Shy Person

by Jason on February 4, 2012

Ways to Overcome Social AnxietyFor the many people who have found ways to overcome social anxiety in their lives, you will probably find a number of different answers to the problem. The truth is, there are many different aspects to be considered in anxiety cases, and a cure is not always reached the same way.

Millions of sufferers have incrementally different cases of social anxiety from a person who has a lone situation, person, or place that is hard to face to one who cannot face anything that would be considered a social encounter. Anyone treating social anxiety will agree that the patient has to learn to meet the problem, but how that is achieved varies based on how quickly the sufferer can adjust.

4 Ways to Attack Social Anxiety

1. For the person who cannot go out publicly because of social anxiety, the time-honored way of adjusting is to venture a short way from home base every day, and with each successive day go a little further than the previous. This works remarkably well for most cases, but it takes time and there can be setbacks if some situation crops up to change the controlled condition.

2. Any situation that is threatening can be better faced with a trusted friend. Most people with anxiety disorders concerning social interaction do not have that many friends, but almost everyone has someone with whom they are comfortable. Close friends generally understand a sufferer’s feelings better than others, making it easy for them to be supportive in times of need.

3. The ability to speak to strangers can be the hardest accomplishment for the shy person to attempt. For that reason, setting a goal to make contact with someone new every day is the best way to build a habit and become comfortable meeting new people. As more people become acquaintances, a shy person develops confidence in his ability to cope with new situations. Meeting people can be as simple as asking them the time of day to break the ice. Whether any other contact or name exchange ever takes place does not matter that much.

4. Attending a class or regular meeting of people for the purpose of learning something new is an excellent way to develop confidence for the shy person. Finding a meeting that centers around something that is of interest or in which the shy person has some amount of expertise is one way to make the experience easier.

Finding the Pathway That Works

For centuries, there have been people who were different from the majority and who had a difficult time fitting in with others. You may find that you are one of those people, but you want desperately to lead a life where you can associate, build friendships, and have relationships with meaning. There is no reason why you must endure the depressing and limited life you have now.

If you are truly tired of staying at home while others are out doing the things you have only dreamed of, check out ways to overcome social anxiety and take a stance today. Tomorrow can come and go with the same problems facing you if you don’t take action now. This is your time; seize the opportunity.

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